Do Not Follow My Blog...

If you like to be in committed relationships, or hate the over usage of commas. Every attempt at documenting my life has lasted about a week and then I totally forget about it, or lose interest. So this time I'm not expecting myself to follow through, and you shouldn't either, but there is always room for surprises. Now that you are aware of my intentions, we can carry on with this casual blog relationship.

Dylan Sophia turned 1 month old this week, she is getting so big and it makes me slightly sad that I no longer have a fresh tiny newborn, but then she smiles and it makes me melt with happiness. We are planning on visiting Matt and Heather up in the cities on Saturday, we'll see how our first car trip goes. I miss Minneapolis so much lately, and have talked to Jon about moving back there in the future, it all depends on school and jobs though. I dread the day when I have to go back to work. This fall is going to be chaos with me staying home during the week to take care of Dylan, working part-time in the evenings and on weekends, and going to school full-time. And amidst all of this, I want to get pregnant again, what the hell am I thinking?! Ahh how I miss being able to eat and not feel guilty about it, and use my belly as a shelf. The day Dylan was born was the most painful and wonderful day of my life, and I am desperate to have that feeling again.

In other news, the wedding plans are finally coming along well! I hope I don't regret not putting a whole lot of effort into this wedding. I always thought I would be a semi-bridezilla, making sure everything is planned out perfectly. But most of my focus has been on Dylan, so the wedding has not seemed like that big of a deal. I think the invitations will get sent out in the next week, and the only two things I need to figure out now is a hairstylist and wedding cake. We also figured out that when I get put onto Jon's insurance that it doesn't become effective until the first of the next month. Seeing as I just had a major surgery done, I can't afford not to have health isurance for any amount of time, so most likely we'll end up getting legally married at the end of July and then have our wedding in August... we seem to never follow the rules of life.