More Photos, More Work

Silly me, I thought that I would have lots of free time this month. I've actually got a few sessions in the next week leading up to the holidays and January is starting to fill up too, but I guess that is the good kind of busy. Next Monday I will finally be done with the current semester, and I beyond happy about this. I have been so exhausted lately with school, work, Dylan, and stress about possible fertility issues. BUT I'm still managing to take photos everyday, although I may be slow at uploading and posting them. I am enjoying having more photos of Dylan going about her everyday activities.

My first of many canvases.

December 2,3 &4

On the 2nd I had a mini photoshoot in the afternoon, it only lasted about 10 min., it's nice taking photos of adults from time to time because they almost alway cooperate! Here is a photo of Jon helping me test out the light on his lunch break. I love that he is always willing to help me. Can you tell he was thrilled to do it? haha, I love him.

On the 3rd I spent the majority of the day cleaning our rooms and bathrooms, fun right? Cleaning on Fridays has become routine.  Here is Dylan eating her dinner with a mouth full of green beans. She still has her pretty blue eyes

Dylan turned 18-months on the 4th! I seriously can't believe she is that old, I'm starting to realize that she is no longer a baby and is turning into a little girl. We took her out to play in the snow for the first time, she did not like it at all at first, but then she realized that it wasn't so bad. We went out shopping with Patty to find her a new snow outfit that fit better, hopefully she'll put it to good use this winter! Here is the first photo I took of Dylan in the snow.

December 1

I'm making an effort to spend more time focusing on my family this month since business will be slowing down a little and I'm almost done with this semester of school. The first day of the month was exactly what it should be, Dylan and I had a PJ day. We cuddled in the living room with blankets galore while watching her favorite shows, playing with her toys (Christmas decorations being her newest ones) and reading all of her favorite books. It was a great start to the holiday season, and I'm so lucky to be able to spend the time that I do with her.

She actually gave me a huge smile when she saw the camera! She was eating her new favorite snack, an apple.

Playing her new favorite toy, and mine because it doesn't leave crayon marks all over the place.

I will try to keep the blog posts coming this month!