Back In Action

I'm hoping to get this blog started back up. I really haven't updated here since everything with Elijah started, but I figure I still need a place to share all of Dylan's exciting milestones and all of my fun crafts I've been doing lately, so I will try to bring this blog back to life.

Dylan's milestones:
  • She now has her two bottom teeth and her two top teeth are just breaking through.
  • She has ditched the bottle and now drinks out of a sippy cup full-time ( this has saved me a lot of hassle when doing the dishes).
  • We had a little bit of a scare when she had an allergic reaction to eggs, hopefully we can get her into an allergist soon to figure out what this means for her.
  • She is army crawling everywhere, occasionally she will get on her hands and knees, but that usually end with a nose dive into the carpet.
  • She has repeated a few different words such as "patty cake" and "thank you", it surprises us everytime.
  • She can get into sitting position on her own and can stand while hanging onto something.
My newest hobby has taken over our dining room, crafts and sewing. I've made tons of hair clips, tutus, and dresses for Dylan. It's become so addicting that decided to open an Etsy store named after Dylan, it is called D. Sophia. Here are a few things I've made so far: