I Can't Believe She's One!

My little baby turned one on June 4, it's still hard for me to digest. We had a party for her yesterday, although the weather wasn't cooperating for it to be outdoors, we still had fun with it at my Mom's house. I will add some of her one year photos later.

Current milestones:

  • She can stand without assistance, but she only likes doing it when she doesn't realize she's doing it.
  • She can walk really well using her push toys.
  • She says "quack quack" whenever she sees a duck.
  • She can show you how old she is, do "so big", blow a kiss, point out Eli's photo on the wall.
  • She has at least 8 teeth (that we know of, she hates letting me look at them)
  • She pretty much eats whatever we eat, and we are working on her using the spoon/fork.
  • We successfully switched her to whole milk.
  • We've had several successful attempts at her eating a product with egg in it, and no reactions yet!
  • She sleeps in her crib every night all night and for two daily naps, and we've gone an entire week without her crying while going down.

My photography is starting to improve and my business is slowing taking off, I have about 4 sessions booked for this summer already. I also have continued to make children's clothing/accessories, but have not put them in my etsy store yet, I want to get some good photographs of the products first. I have been struggling with some PPD after Elijah's birth and passing, but I have a strong support system that is helping me push through it. I will try and update again soon!

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