Momma Dylan

I find it so cute how Dylan takes care of her dolls. She feeds them snacks, reads them books, even tucks them in at night and gives them kisses. It's so fun finding out what things she understands, and I think she's smarter than I give her credit for. Even though she doesn't talk much yet, she can do most anything I ask her to do, even pick up her toys and put her dinner plate on the counter when she's done. I'm finally starting to get through all of the stress, anger, and sadness of the last year, and I'm so happy that I'm finally in a place where I can be happy again and cherish the moments I have with my family.

Dylan and her baby.


Jen said...

She is such a sweetie pie! Glad you are able to enjoy these moments with D!

Heather Wambach said...

Gabe's a lot smarter than I give him credit for too. If we left them alone together for too long they might figure out a plan to take over the world!!