Potty Training

Saturday we starting doing the three day potty training method with Dylan. Basically what you do is "rip the band-aid off" by just completely ditching the diapers. The first day we only had accidents, which meant a lot of carpet cleaner and a lot of tears. Dylan absolutely hates having accidents and she immediately tries to clean them up. Going to bed the first night I was seriously reconsidering potty training, especially after cleaning up poop, ew. But the next morning we went at it again. I think Dylan began to recognize her body telling her she needs to go because out of no where she started whining and pointing down at herself, so we made a mad dash towards her potty and tadaa, she did it! I think she needed it to happen once in order for it to click in her mind what she needs to do. We made it through days 2 and 3 with no accidents, and even ventured out of the house for a little over an hour with dry underwear. The only issue that we are having is that she doesn't give us much of a warning, usually less than 30 seconds, so it's always a big rush. I'm crossing my fingers that things only improve from here. I just can't believe how grown up Dylan is getting, it makes me both sad and excited at the same time, but mostly excited!

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