Weeks 12 & 13

Well, I finally reached the second trimester! And to my disappointment my morning sickness is still going strong. I've lost almost 15lbs, but trust me, when I do feel ok I try and eat as much as possible because I know it won't last. I started taking Zofran and it helps sometimes, but I'm looking forward to the day that I can open my fridge and not have to take a trip to the bathroom. I have hit a big milestone, I felt the baby move for the first time last week! They are just little flicks and flutters, but I forgot how much I love that feeling. I have my 15 week appointment in a little under two weeks and that is when I will be scheduling the date of my big ultrasound! I was told we could do it at 18 weeks, so that means I'm only 4 weeks away from knowing if it's a little boy or girl. I've had people ask me what sex I think it is and I honestly have no clue. And I'm not really leaning one way or the other, I would just love for Dylan to have a little sister to play dress-up with (although I have a feeling she'd still do that if it is a boy), on the other hand I've always wanted to raise a boy, so I will be thrilled either way. A part of me is still having troubles believing that this is a strong healthy pregnancy, although we have no indication to think otherwise, but after Elijah it's so hard for me to believe that everything will be ok. I think once we do the anatomy scan I will feel much better, but I will never be 100% sure until I'm holding it in my arms. Here are my last couple bump shots, I can't really see much difference, but I know that's about to change in the next few weeks.

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jeanna said...

your bump is so cute!!! I know that i still cant believe my baby is here and living! hope the MS passes so you can enjoy the pregnancy a bit.